Actril DS (systemic)


Weed Control:                Hard to kill broad leaf weeds and vines in turf, Sugarance, Corn, Rice, Pastures, Mature Citrus etc.
Rate of Application:       1 - 2 tsp per gal (500ml per acre 50 gals water)

Ampro (systemic)

Weed Control:                 Broad spectrum selective weed control in Pineapple, Bananas, Sugarance, Citrus and Corn.


Rate os Application:        250 ml per 4 gal (3 ltrs per acre in 50 gals water)

Atrazine (systemic)

Weed Control:      Selective pre emergent herbicide for use Corn, Sugarance, Turf.


Rate of Application:    1-2 tbsp per gal (1kg per acre in 50 gals water)

Buctril (systemic)

Weed Control:        ( White top ) Parthenium sp, Portulaca sp, (purslane), Alternanthera sp, Ageratum sp, Amartnthus sp, Chive.


Rate of Application:  28 mls per gal (1.5 ltrs per acre en 50 gals water)

Growers who want dependability and reliability trust Buctril® postemergence herbicide. Used for more than 30 years, growers know Buctril will give them results they need. No guessing, no risk - just proven performance in multiple crops. Buctril offers superb broadleaf weed management and control to help growers maximizes profit.

Diuron (pre/post emergent)

Weed Control:        Both pre and post emergent effect. Controls grasses and some broad leaf weeds in Pineapple, Cassava, Tree crops and non - crop areas.


Rate of Action:        1 - 4 tbsp  per gal (1.5 kg per acre in 50 gals water)



Drexar 530(systemic)

Weed Control:          Selective post emergent herbicide for the control of grasses and nut grass between Bermuda, turf and Zoysia


Rate of application: 1-2 tbsp per gal (1.5  ltrs per acre in 50 gals water).


Should I add any surfactant to my spray solution?
Drexar™ 530 contains surfactant; therefore, it is unnecessary to add additional surfactant.

Can I apply Drexar™ 530 with a hose end applicator?
Do not apply Drexar™ 530 with hose end applicators, as results may be erratic. Please note that the label does not allow applications by hose end applicators.


Ronstar Flo (pre/post emergent)

Weed Control:              Pre plant, pre- emergent herbicide for use in transplanted vegetable crops, tuber crops, Chive, Turf and Ornamentals


Rate of application:     1-2 tbsp per gal (750 ml - 1ltr per acre in 50 gals water)


Ronstar herbicide controls weeds through shoots, not roots. So unlike competitive products that don’t distinguish between roots of weeds and roots of desirable plants, Ronstar doesn’t harm healthy turf. This product can be applied to sensitive grasses and areas where roots are already weakened by winterkill, pests or injury


Sunquat 27 (contact)

Weed Control:          Broad spectrum, contact, post - emergence herbicide, non crop

Rate of aplication:    250ml per 4 gal (3 ltrs per acre in 50 gals water)

Swiper (systemic)


Weed Control:               Systemic herbicides for annual and perennial weeds, sedges, woody bush and trees.

Rate of application:        250 ml per 4 gal (3 ltrs per acre in 50 gals water)


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